TraceyTracey Kieran | TMJ Pain Specialist Liverpool Kiernan is a former dental nurse turned Advanced Clinical Massage   Therapist and Head Teacher who specialises in the treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Pain (TMJ) from her clinic in Liverpool.

A qualified dental nurse with almost twenty years experience, Tracey retrained as a clinical massage therapist in 1999, whilst working at the Oral Health Clinic, Woolton Road Liverpool.

In 2005 Tracey was one of only four people selected from over a thousand students to become a teacher with the Jing Institute, writing and presenting courses all over the UK.

With the encouragement of her Dental Surgeon, in 2000, Tracey developed a highly effective massage treatment protocol for TMJ pain and disorders.

Patients who had suffered with TMJ, some for 20 years, were reporting dramatic improvement or total resolution of symptoms, within less than 6 treatments.

Using a combination of advanced massage techniques including Trigger point therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and Myofascial release techniques, the treatment has been developed and refined over several years. The aim is to release muscular and fascial restrictions and restore balance to the joint.

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is one of the most complex joints in the body. Involved in its function are several muscles, ligaments and bones. The joint itself is comprised of a disc between a ball and socket, and it is this disc that cushions the forces on the joint, enabling the jaw to move and function normally. Any conditions that prevent these components from working properly may cause a TMJ disorder.

Symptoms of TMJ are varied and can include:

Pain or soreness in the jaw 
Clicking or popping when opening or closing the mouth
Swelling on the side of the face
Sensitive teeth in the absence of dental problems
An earache in the absence of an infection.Tinnitus

Difficulty opening and closing the mouth and/or chewing

Upper and lower teeth that do not align properly (malocclusion)

Stiffness or “locked” feeling in the jaw when talking, yawning or eating
Jaw pain when chewing, biting or yawning
Headaches, Migraine and visual disturbances

In 2007, Tracey wrote and developed a course in the treatment of TMJ, face pain, Migraine and Bells Palsy.

This course has now been taught to hundreds of clinical massage therapists across the UK, who are using it every day with great success.

Gunna Højgaard, the principal at the prestigious MASSAGESKOLEN, in Copenhagen, attended Tracey’s course and was so impressed she invited Tracey to Denmark to present to her students, which she did in September 2010. In 2013 Gunna very kindly wrote:

See what I found! Tuncer, A.B., et al., Effectiveness of manual therapy and home physical therapy in patients with temporomandibular disorders: A randomized controlled trial, Journal of Bodywork & Movement therapies (2012) 

And this was published some time after your ground-breaking and very inspiring course on treatment of TMD. Which serves as proof that you are so very advanced… Your work is unique and I will never fully understand how you did it, as a dental nurse, to achieve this precision even in the smallest detail. I just loved the way you made it clear what TMD is all about. And what the massage therapist can do to help.

In 2016 Tracey opened up her online TMJ Pain Clinic to include a register of therapists who have trained in her TMJ Therapy. With several hundred trained practitioners around the UK and Ireland help should never be very far away. This website will serve as a central resource of information and support for TMJ sufferers. Go to our ‘find a therapist page and enter your postcode to search for practitioners near you.

Tracey continues to work with patients with TMJ from her clinics at Ullet Road Eco Offices Liverpool and The Summer House Wigan.

Enquiries or Appointments may be made by calling Tracey on 07739694056, or by email to

 Committed to continuing personal and professional development Tracey is currently working on writing her advanced TMJ course, and her self help book for TMJ sufferers. Watch this space!