Welcome to the TMJ Pain Clinic UK

Your online resource for treatment, advice and support for people suffering with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder and Pain Syndromes.

The World Health Organisation estimates that 1 in 4 people suffer with TMJ. However many people have this condition without knowing it. Symptoms are wide and varied. Sufferers often struggle with receiving a definitive diagnosis. Some suffer for many years without hope. Medical intervention is often expensive and invasive with low success rates.

Tracey Kiernan is a qualified Dental Nurse turned degree level Clinical Massage therapist and teacher. In 2000 with the encouragement of her dentist she developed a powerful proven protocol for the treatment of TMJ.

Over the last 16 years Tracey’s TMJ Therapy has been taught to hundreds of practitioners across the UK and Ireland who are getting people out of pain and restriction in 1-6 treatments. This website is aimed at helping TMJ suffered everywhere to find advice, support, and treatment for this debilitating condition.

We now have a Find a Therapist page to help you find a TMJ Therapy practitioner trained in Tracey’s protocol near you.

Please note the register is being updated on a regular basis. Please check back often, or call Tracey for more help and advice.

Contact Tracey on 0773 969 4056 or email on info@tmjpainclinic.info to arrange a consultation or book an appointment.

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If you are a therapist interested in training with Tracey please visit her school Blend Therapy Training. We offer a wide range of courses in the treatment of pain. Advanced sports and clinical massage, fascial release and Hot Stone courses are available. We have locations in Liverpool and Wigan. We run courses in other locations where there is a demand. Just call Tracey to discuss.